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:: About Cavtat

Cavtat is an attractive seaside resort on the most southern part of the Adriatic coast in Croatia. It is located between Dubrovnik, a monument city under UNESCO protection, on one side and the picturesque Konavle Valley on the other. It is the ancient Epidaurum, predecessor to Dubrovnik. Here one can still feel the spirit of times past and experience the centuries-old tradition of our ancestors.

Places such as Cavtat, which offer so much to the visitors, are quite rare. The Adriatic Sea is completely clean and unpolluted – its colour is hard to define, sometimes dark blue, sometimes a greenish blue, but it constantly glistens to a thousand hues depending on the time of day and the inclination of the sun. But it is always beautiful, and always unique!

The sea is the stuff of life here, and always has been. The rich tradition of Croatian seafaring has forged links with far-off countries, which in turn has led to plants from other climates of the world being added to the indigenous species. Together they form a unique botanical garden without fences or boundaries.

The lush vegetation includes date-laden palms, meandering vines of bougainvillea, pine and cypress trees, and many varieties of flowers that grow in subtropical climates. Few places in the world offer such a harmony of natural beauty among architecture both old and new.

The Croatian Adriatic is one of the world's richest seas and it abounds in fish, shrimp and shellfish of a very high quality. A tantalising choice for gourmets! The streets of Cavtat become lively in summer, filled with song and feasts of fish and wine and laughter.

Cavtat is an ideal destination for everybody. You can play Robinson Crusoe here while sailing and peacefully exploring the hidden coves along the enchanting shoreline. You can stroll along beautiful promenades lined with palms and pine trees and enjoy the lovely view of the ancient city of Dubrovnik, which is easily accessible with regular boat and bus connections. You can relish a tasty cappuccino when chatting with your friends at the Zino Caffe ('a nice place for nice people', as many guests love to call it). Or you can enjoy active holidays, taking part in numerous recreational sports (water sports, scuba-diving, climbing, tennis, bungee-jumping) and a variety of excursion programmes. You can find seclusion when you want it and company when you need it.

Together with the rich cultural heritage, which really should be seen (the Bukovac Art Gallery, the Bogisic's collection of 20,000 rare and old books, antique coins and coins of the Dubrovnik Republic, etc., the Racic family mausoleum made by the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, the Rector's Palace, the Baroque Church of St Nicholas), there are many cultural events and entertainment programmes that are held throughout the year.

When the birds migrate from your country at the end of summer, do you wonder where they go? Come to Cavtat in search of the sun (2,600 hours of sunshine annually) and a mild winter and you will discover them here.

Its historical heritage, excellent climate, lush vegetation, beautiful beaches, the friendly atmosphere and numerous services offered, all meet the present-day demands of visitors from all over the world and make Cavtat one of the most attractive destinations on the Adriatic coast. What more do you need?

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